Current Control Stats.

Service State Change Description
Connection Status: Connected Whether system is connected or not.
Shut Down: Shut Down Shut down AI and all relays.
AI Controller: Allow AI to control solar or assume manual control.
Power Source: Force power source. (Only if AI controller is off)
Inverter One: Force inverter one on or off. (Only if AI controller is off)
Estimated Switching: Estimated switch on/off times. (Yesterday's sunrise/sunset - 1hr)

Current Solar Stats.

Solar P.V. (Volts)
Battery Charge (Amps)
Battery Charge (Watts)
Battery Level (Volts)
Battery Drain (Amps)
Battery Drain (Watts)
Light (Lux)
Connected IP
Battery State

Solar (Last 24hrs)

Max. Solar Voltage
Max. Solar Current
Max. Solar Wattage
Max. Light

Battery (Last 24hrs)

Min. Battery Voltage
Max. Battery Voltage
Max. Battery Charge Current
Max. Battery Drain Current